Youth Chorus Addendum


We are looking forward to our 30th Anniversary Concert on October 23rd and are thrilled that you can join us!  I will have plenty of music in black folders at the concert for your use.  Simply pick up a folder at the ticket table. 

I chose Dona Nobis Pacem because it is fairly familiar and easy to put together without rehearsal.  As you come forward to sing this song, I will have the three parts split and standing in groups at the front of the sanctuary.  Simply go to the section that you feel most comfortable with, although the ranges are all the same for each voice part.  Sopranos will be to the conductor’s left, baritones in the middle and altos to the conductor’s right.  We will also have Charles Spurgeon, cellist – playing along with this piece.

The last page of this music is an “Amen” section which I have chosen not to attempt without rehearsal.  We will simply do a slight ritard on the bottom of page 7 and end the song in that manner.

Thank you for your support……it is wonderful for our current members to have such awesome role models!

Click on the link below to access a page containing the sheet music. It it a PDF (Portable Document Format) file which can download from your browser